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Well Folks, I guess we can kick this Blog off with the Facts which you can find here.

Look forward to hearing from everyone.

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  1. I’m from Northeast Ohio and remember reading about Sergeant Hack in the ABJ I believe. I think this site is a good idea as no one can dispute Official Military Documents. I also would like to point out the Authors of the false information that was posted in several places should man up and admit they had it wrong


  2. Sgt. David Hack has been falsely accused by several individuals and quasi military groups of not being awarded the Purple Heart, Air Medal and Bronze Star. The National Personal Records Center May 31, 2013 release Sergeant Hack’s DD 214-5 which lists his military awards and includes the Bronze Star, Air Medal and TWO Purple Hearts.
    Sgt. Hack was wounded twice in Vietnam, April 10th 1968 and September 13th 1968 and subsequently was granted a medical retirement due to combat injuries in 1973.

    • I retired from the Navy in 2011 and remember hearing about this because I first came back home to Akron for a visit and saw this on channel 3 news. I think it is very clear first of all you should never spread rumors about someone if there is evidence to suggest otherwise and in this case I think its clear Sergeant Hack made his case. So take it from a seasoned “BubbleHead” all you gossip spreading vermin out there and it appears you are also ex-military should apologize and be Men. I would also say to you to act Honorably regardless what you might think. The facts have been presented.

      QMCS(SS) Rivers

  3. Hack – we corresponded a number of years ago. In fact, I think you are wearing my jacket……. looks good. Have enjoyed your success and following your second career. I am leaving in two days to begin my November Sierra retirement in Costa Rica’s central valley. God Bless you my friend.

  4. C.G.? All my active duty was USN. The recruiter promised that as close as I would get to Viet Nam would still be Blue Water. That was almost true, The ship pulled into Da Nang Harbor. Then I was sent back in country for two tours in country.

    Have you ever been back to Viet Nam? As a Naval Advisor with serviceable Vietnamese, I saw a different Viet nam than a lot of the Grunts out in the field. Did wind up with a C.A.R.


  5. This Blog is going to be an excellent place to discuss the Military background of Sgt David Hack and also a place for Veterans of all branches of service to share their stories and experiences. I’m certain Sgt Hack would love to hear from any veteran whether you served for 4 years or 30.

  6. I don’t understand why the person(s) responsible for the defamation aren’t being held accountable. This is clearly a defamation of character issue. Sgt Hack I served in a different decade but wanted to thank you for your service.


  7. This information was released yesterday. Good news for Sarge.


    Hudson, Oh


    For the past several years, there have been falsehoods, innuendos, rumors and outright lies generated about SFC David D. Hack US Army (Ret).

    During his attempt to run for the Mayor of Hudson Ohio, several individuals and quasi-military groups spread rumors refuting his military service including his rank and military awards.

    On May 31, 2012, the Director of the National Personal Records Center in St. Louis Missouri, Mr. Scott Levins apologized for incorrect information which had been provided regarding Sgt. Hack’s rank and verified he had indeed achieved the rank of Sgt. 1st Class.

    Most recently on May 31st 2013, the Director of the National Personal Records Center in St. Louis Missouri, Mr. Scott Levins provided Sgt. Hack’s DD214 from 1972 which clearly states he was awarded the Bronze Star, Air Medal and two Purple Hearts.

    Sgt. Hack served his country faithfully and was medically retired in 1973 with the rank of SFC E7.

    For further information please contact:

    Bob Kruty

    Vice President

    • I’m originally from the Stow Kent area. I joined the Army in 78. I remember Sgt Hack very well from the 70’s. Just out of curiosity I did some checking of my own and think its a damn disgrace there is a certain group of people (url’s and names I wont mention) who preach one thing and allow something else. It’s very obvious Sergeant Hack is a victim of Google Bomb if there ever was such a thing. Keep your campaign for the facts going Sarge, eventually the trash will be taken out.


  8. Wow, I remember this guy back from the 70’s. I just came upon this blog by chance today and read some of the details of what the Sarge has been putting up with. Damn shame, seems to me there is some lies being spread around and whats really shameful is the people that are doing it are supposedly prior military, shame on you guys.

    Sincerely Dave

  9. I just want to let Sergeant Hack know the purple heart coin is a wonderful Idea. I think a lot of Vets PH recipients or not will really appreciate this.

    Kindest Regards

  10. Just got done reading the HackMobile Article. WOW, like going back in time seeing that jeep again. I had no idea it was in a museum.


  11. This was released early this week


    Hudson Oh


    US Wings recently announced that SFC David D. Hack US Army (Ret), presented Mr. Jack Roush, CEO of Roush Enterprises, which is comprised of Roush Fenway Racing, Roush Performance Motors, and Roush Industries with a custom A-2 Flight Jacket hand-painted by The Peters Group.

    The A-2 Jacket is modeled after the jacket that Colonel Bud Anderson wore piloting the OLD CROW in WW II. Mr. Roush fly’s his own P 51 Mustang and it is painted to replicate Colonel Anderson’s OLD CROW.

    In honor of Mr. Roush’s Patriotic endeavors, Sgt. Hack presented Mr. Roush his personal Purple Heart Coin at Roush Performance Headquarters in Livonia Michigan.
    Photo to follow

  12. Hello Sgt. Hack
    Looking forward to this winter season and visiting the U.S. Wings store in Hudson. I bring my son up there every year and make a purchase. Its hard to find quality items anymore but not when I come to uswings. See you soon


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