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Sgt. Hack’s original military records are on file with The National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Ave, St. Louis MO, 63132-5100.

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Here is a good article written by SSgt. Cecil Stack


Week of August 19th 2013

What’s New with SFC David Hack CEO of US Wings

See details of SFC Hack’s meeting with Mr. Jack Roush CEO of Roush Enterprises.


Week of October 7th 2013

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Week of October 14th 2013

U.S. Wings Newsletter for the 5 best Bomber Jackets Ever


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Week of October 21st 2013

The Curious Case Of Sergeant Hack

By Carmella Watts

There had been a controversy regarding the proper entitlement for the retired Sergeant Hack. According to the POW network, the military man was only a specialist while the latter maintained that he was a sergeant first class when he retired from the army. It came to a point where his military records need to be checked or sorted out.

The POW network somehow was able to gain access of his military records and released it to the public. The only problem was that the records were incorrect. This brings you to a question of how much a mistake like that can affect a person, his business and his personal life in general.

That is why there is in an attempt to repair his reputation. This is to prevent further damage to the situation. There was a need that was felt to feed the information to the public straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

He started out as a support role in preparing for these young men for the battle that was brewing in Vietnam. You can say that because he has had prior experience working or serving with the US Navy, they did not see the immediate need to train. In fact, his senior officers sent him to assignments that would have been assigned only to trained Rangers or men who have completed the Ranger Training and earned their Ranger Tab.

The thing is that they are fighting for a war that is not theirs. But because they are sons of this country who believes in freedom of the world, they took it upon themselves to fight. They fight the war like it is their own business and help their neighboring countries in putting out a war that threatens to spread to the world.

But as they say, you cannot tarnish a good name that easily. The National Personnel Records Center of St. Louis admitted that they made a mistake in appointing the final rank of the soldier. They said they were mistaken in giving away the soldier’s number of service and most especially his rank and place of entry.

As to when or how, only the almighty one knows. When these soldiers come out alive from the war and retire from the service, to give them honor and respect for the service that they did is the least that people could do. You may know what it is like to be at war but you will never know what it is like to be in the war, fighting.

Think about the bloodshed and the danger these soldiers and military men go through with their life. One can only imagine the fear, the bravery, the situation, the blood, the death of comrades and the enemies. That is because you were never there and will never be there.

Sergeant Hack can only hope that a website put for him would slowly or little by little straighten out the information. The soldier’s business is into making military supplies such bomber jackets and gears. The business is called the US wings which he and his wife helped in building.

Week of November 4th 2013

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Week of November 17th 2013

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Week of December 2nd 2013

SFC David D. Hack recently featured article in Apparel Magazine.

U.S. Army, (Retired) and Founder, U.S. Wings.

As we look to the year ahead, we do so from a perspective where the country has just emerged from a government shutdown, which will likely have repercussions relative to consumer confidence and the general outlook about the position of the U.S. going forward. From a “big picture” perspective, can you share the concerns that are top of mind for you (or your customers) heading into 2014, and how you intend to address them?

I think 2014 will be the best year ever for the apparel business, because people here in the U.S. generally dress up and buy clothing when things are down. As everyone is fully aware, these are not the best of times, and dressing up and going out just makes you feel better. Look at how many people go to the movies!

How do you expect 2014 to shape up vs. 2013 for the apparel/retail industry in general, and why? What key strengths do you think will be the common denominators for companies that take leading positions in the industry?

2014 should rebound and turn out better than 2013. One key strength is the ability to stay positive and stay focused on your business instead of worrying about others’ businesses.

What technologies do you think will play the largest role in transforming the apparel industry in the coming year, and what specific strategies will be built upon them?

Staying on top of the ever-changing internet and having if possible an in-house SEO department will be a must for this next year. Tablets and smartphones are becoming a strong method for purchasing apparel, so maintaining a site that is user friendly to those methods is an absolute must.

Week of December 9th 2013

With the Christmas season quickly approaching Sergeant David Hack CEO of U.S. Wings would like to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please also check Sgt. Hacks latest Bio here:


Sgt. Hack was recently featured in the Akron Beacon Journal. You can read the article here by Kathleen Kochanski Akron Beacon Journal Advertising Writer:


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