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This site is dedicated to providing interested parties with Official Documentation regarding the Military Career of Sgt David Hack. We have also provided a Blog and invite anyone to make comments. One Rule that will be enforced here, only factual information is welcome. Any information other than the truth will be removed.

Sgt. Hack’s original military records are on file with The National Personnel Records Center, 9700 Page Ave, St. Louis MO, 63132-5100.

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Sarge has overcome many challenges in his life, including an impoverished childhood, an abusive father, life-threatening wounds received during his stint in Vietnam, homelessness, and an unjustified on-going smear campaign carried out by haters on a witch-hunt. Although he still carries both physical and emotional scars from these challenges, he has transcended these painful events and used them as a catalyst to motivate himself to achieve his successes — from being the Nation’s #1 US Army recruiter for four years running to heading a thriving retail business that supplies both the US Military and the general public. Sarge’s faith, hard work and can-do attitude has taken him from a child who lived in a dirt-floor shack in Sunfish KY to a man who now rubs elbows with Presidents, top US Military brass, Hollywood actors and dignitaries from around the world. As a person who knows a thing or two about physical and emotional scars, Sarge is quick to help and encourage people who are facing similar challenges. Sarge’s book, The Life Of A Warrior, was written with this in mind. Its positive message of triumph over adversity has helped countless people, including many military veterans, from around the world.


“The most persistent sound which reverberates through men’s history is the beating of war drums.”  We must never forget our Veteran’s. Here is a link provided by Sgt. Hack, Vietnam War Facts.


Week of November 10th 2014

Sarge would like to recognize all Veterans for their service to this wonderful nation. We would also like to thank Sarge for his dedicated Military service and sacrifices he has made for his country.

Week of November 3rd 2014

Sgt. Hack was recently selected among 8 other Veterans for the 2015 Army Historical Calendar. Check out the story here


Week of October 13th 2014

Here is some info on Sgt Hack check it out here


Week of June 30th 2014

Sgt. Hack would like to wish America a Happy 4th of July


Week of June 16th 2014

Check out Sarge in this early Coast Guard photo from 1957 in Cape May USCG Base N.J. Sarge is holding the Flag.

E-32 1957

Week of June 2nd 2014

Here is a great picture of LT. General Robert W. Wagner US Army Ranger Ret. and Sergeant David Hack at the Hudson Ohio Rotary today June 4th 2014.


Week of May 26th 2014

Attached are pictures featuring Sgt. Hack and other Veterans in Hudson Ohio. We would like to thank Sgt. Hack and all Veterans for their Military Service. God Bless and God Speed.

Memorial Day1

Rotary Memorial Day 20140002

Week of May 12th 2014

Sgt. Hack received a letter of appreciation from the Vice Chief of Staff United States Army

You may view this letter by clicking the link below.


Sgt.Hack recently received yet another letter of appreciation. This time from the Sergeant Major of the Army. You may view this letter by clicking the link below.


Sgt. Hack also received a letter dated 26 December 2012 from United States Army Chief of Staff which you can view by clicking the link below.



Many of Sgt Hack’s readers, friends and business associates are all aware of the defamation attacks which have been happening for the past few years and continue to this day. These attacks have affected Sgt. Hack and his family not to mention the financial loss. Rumors and falsehoods are as old as human history. They cause damage not just to individuals like Sgt. Hack but can and have affected his family as well. What is most disturbing especially about the rumors surrounding Sgt. Hack is that document after document has been presented for all to see yet certain individuals continue to spread false information regarding Sgt. Hack.

I pose a question to these individuals who have in the past or present posted what I will call trash. I would ask these individuals do they think the Chief of Staff of the Army, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, The Sergeant Major of the Army all present Sgt. Hack with letters of appreciation for his Military Service and the Service he continues to provide to this day if he were a poser? I don’t think they would.

We will be opening dialogue here on Sgt. Hacks Blog site. We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding Sgt. Hack or any other topics you wish talk about.

The Blog discussion for the defamation issues will be listed under “The Bunker” starting June 1st 2014 all are welcome to comment.

The Life of a Warrior is protected by Federal Copyright Laws. No part of this book may be used or reproduced whatsoever without prior written permission.


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